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true north direct primary care

Unlimited, high-quality healthcare without the financial burden.

Family Medicine and Acute Care for the Bitterroot Valley

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true north direct primary healthcare

Expensive Healthcare Means You Have To Choose ...

… between having good health and other important necessities of life. That’s far from an ideal quality of life!

If you choose health care, it’s often rushed. That is, after a prolonged wait. 

true north direct primary care

No one should have to choose between the cost of healthcare and food for their family.

We understand the competing demands in a busy life and your time is a limited and valuable resource. We also realize how scary it can be to be sick or have a sick family member and not have a place you can turn for fast, responsive and high quality care and reassurance. It can be confusing in today’s world to make the best decisions for your health and not have someone there to guide you on your journey.

We’re here for you. You can lean on us.

“I trust Dr. Hart. He’s thorough and truly cares about people. I don’t want to go to anyone else.”

“Dr. Hart is the best doctor the Bitterroot Valley has ever had!”

“Dr. Hart is very kind and respectful to my needs. He talks to me and is very respectful all the time. He cares about my medical needs.”

Robert Hart, D.O

We offer low-cost, patient driven access to health care.

We remove 3rd parties from the equation and focus on what’s best for you and your needs. 

Lower Cost and Price Transparency

Affordable monthly membership for your primary care needs

Far lower costs than high annual insurance deductibles

Low-cost prescriptions, lab work, imaging and more with up-front pricing and no surprises

Patient Driven

See your Provider as many times as you need to with no additional cost

Comprehensive personalized visits tailored to your needs without the rush

Access to Care

Same day or next day appointments

Care delivered faster and efficiently

Telehealth, Telemedicine, secure messaging (email) appointments

true north direct primary care

How We Can Serve You

Annual Wellness and Preventive Exams

Acute/Urgent Care

Well Child/Baby and Pediatrics

Management of Chronic Medical Issues

Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine

Minor Procedures

true north direct primary care

Your health is what matters most.

That’s why we’re committed to putting you back in the driver’s seat of your health.

  • What if I already have low deductible insurance?

    We can beat most low deductible insurance costs. Also, many people value individualized health care and access to health care when they need to be seen and are willing to pay our very affordable fee in return for the personalized service they receive at our clinic.

  • What if I only go to the doctor 1 time per year?

    If you had easier and less expensive access to care, would you go to the doctor more? Many people suffer at home because they don’t want to pay an enormous copay and hassle with the trouble of scheduling an appointment and waiting an extended period of time before being seen. While we realize most healthy individuals have minimal health care needs, we cannot predict the future. As such, we provide an additional layer of reassurance in case the unforeseen happens. Our care costs usually pay for themselves if you were to have an annual exam and 1 or 2 doctor visits in a year’s time.

  • What if I want to use insurance to pay for my care?

    You can still use your insurance to pay for all of your other care including labs, imaging, medication, consults with specialists and hospitalizations. It’s just the primary care fee that is not covered by insurance and we’ve made it a very affordable rate.

Doctors at hospital working in the doctor office.

Our Guarantee

At True North Direct Primary Care, we’re committed to putting you back in control of your health. And we do it at a fraction of the cost of high deductible insurance plans. We guarantee efficient, high quality, less expensive and personalized care with same day or next day appointments available for you and your family.

true north direct primary care

Frequently Ask Questions

Medical exam at hospital

We recommend you have an insurance policy to use in case of major health issues, emergencies and surgeries. Additionally, setting up a Health Savings Account (HSA) to save money to pay that high deductible if/when it is needed is strongly encouraged.

You can still use your insurance to see a specialist for any other care needed.

Included in cost is annual/wellness exam, annual labs, 24/7 call coverage and triage, same day/next day access to care, procedures at cost, additional labs at cost, negotiated low price prescriptions with 5 valley pharmacies, negotiated low price imaging, negotiated low price specialty care with multiple specialty clinics, patient portal access to medical records and messaging with provider/clinic, telehealth services.

Yes – we offer a family of 4 for $200/month and $25 for each additional child. If paid upfront for a year in full, a 10% discount is also applied. 

Unfortunately we require a membership enrollment to have access to our many services.

true north direct primary care

Enjoy a healthier life with peace of mind knowing you have access to care whenever needed. 

Enroll today for better health care at a fraction of the cost of your insurance.
It’s healthcare that is easily available and personalized.
Unlimited primary care – see us once or see us hundreds of times for no additional cost.

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